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Contest Winners for Amazon Boot Camp

The winners for the Amazon Boot Camp giveaway have been chosen!  There were 245 comments before the deadline, and the random numbers are 12 and 131.

contest 131

contest 12

…and the winners are:

1.  Melanie

2. Steve Eberhardt

Congratulations!  The winners have been notified via email.


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A Quick Textbook Flip Trip

I bought these five textbooks for $140 on Craigslist. I listed them on Amazon on August 1st.

craigslist purchase 7-27-15

craigslist purchase 7-27-15 part 2

Here are the sales within 10 days.

Total Sales: 364.51
Fees ($67.72)
Costs ($140)

Profit: $156.79

This is an example of a quick $150+ profit for less than an hour of work. It took 30 minutes to meet in a public place and less than 15 minutes to list on Amazon.

Watch this video on how to source textbooks on Craigslist.



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boot camp image

It time for another give-way! This time you have a chance to win a free copy of the Amazon Boot Camp course by Jessica Larrew. This is the only Amazon FBA step by step training course out there. It’s currently selling for $297.

The Amazon Boot Camp (ABC) contains over 30 video-based tutorials on how to get set-up with FBA and start selling. This training series recently been updated in March of 2015.

Here are the videos in the training series.

Laying The Foundation
Understanding Amazon As a Business
Setting Up Seller Account
Planning For Expenses
Inventory Placement

Before You Buy
What You Can/Can’t Sell
Understanding Ranks
Items With Expiration Dates
Scanning At Home

Tools Of The Trade
Scoutify Scanning App
Amazon Seller App
Must Have Tools
Free UPS Labels

Sourcing For Products In Person
Big Box Retail Stores
Drug Stores
Discount Stores
Thrift Stores

Sourcing For Products Online
Laying The Foundation
Choosing The Right Items
Tools To Save Time & Money
Sourcing Walkthroughs
Frequently Asked Questions

Amazon Inventory Prep & Shipping
Preparing Your Products For Shipment
Sending Inventory To Amazon
Pricing For Buy Box

Amazon Seller Central Workflow
Requesting Category Approvals
Navigating Seller Central
Managing Inventory
Checking For Sales

Accounting & Business Setup
Bookkeeping Basics For Amazon
Sales Tax 101
Setting Up Business Legally
Protecting Your Business

Frequently Asked Questions
Negative Feedback
Unfulfillable Inventory
Customer Inquiries

Bonus Modules
Inventory Lab Walk-Throughs
Selling Merchant Fulfilled
Creating & Promoting Amazon Listings
Negative Feedback




How to Enter

I’m currently giving away two copies. Here’s how to enter the contest.

1) Look at the ABC Course and see if its right for you.

2) “Like” my Facebook Page.  You can find the link by clicking the image below.

facebook photo

3) Comment on this blog post.  That’s it.


How to Win

  • I will randomly pick two winners using a random number generator (Random.org).  For example, if the random number is 4, and you are the 4th person to comment – you win!
  • There will be two winners.
  • All comments must be placed before August 7th, 2015 at 11:59pm EST Time.
  • Winners will be announced on this blog a few days after the contest.


Small Print:

  • Only one comment per person please
  • You must ‘Like’ the Facebook page and comment on this blog post to be eligible to win


Good Luck!

* A special thanks to Jessica Larrew for making this contest happen.




Here’s a quick video on to attach a scanner to your phone.


Socket Klip Case
If you have a Samsung Galaxy 4 or an iPhone 5, you can get a klip case that fits your phone.  If you have any other type of phone, you would need to get the universal klip case and attach it to a phone case.  You can get one on Socket’s website for about $20.


Socket 8Ci Scanner
This is my favorite scanner for scouting.  I’ve tested this on FBAScan and ProfitBandit, and it works well on both.  You can get one for about $195 on Amazon.




It’s been over two years since I started tracking the stats of library book sales. I thought it would be interesting to the results of a profitable book sale. I will be showing the total profit, percentage of books sold, and impact of storage fees.

In June of 2013, I was on vacation in the east coast. While I was there, I attended a library sale in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Here are the results:

Books Purchased: 335
Books Sold: 292
Percentage of Books Sold: 87%

Amazon Sales: $3015.45
Amazon Fees: ($1318.38)
Cost of books: ($234)
UPS Inbound Shipping: ($105.11)
Estimated Storage Fees: ($38)
Total Profit: $1319.96

Averages Per Book
Average Sale Price: $10.19
Average Amazon Fee: ($4.51)
Average Cost of a Book: (.70)
Average UPS Inbound Shipping Cost Per Book: (.31)
Average Profit per Book: $4.67

The graph below shows the month to month profits. All Amazon fees, cost of books, and UPS shipping have already been subtracted.  If you notice the first month’s profit is lower than the month two and three. That’s because my upfront costs were in month one (i.e. cost of books and UPS shipping).

The red bar shows the estimated storage fees. You will notice that impact of storage fees is relatively low – even on month 24. I just need to sell at least one book per month to cover the monthly storage cost.


Profit Per Month (in $)

(click image to enlarge)

Book Sale Chart Two Years


The next chart shows the percentage of books that sold each month. As you can see most of the books sold within the first three months (64%).


Sell Through Rate (%)

(click image to enlarge)

sell through rate chart



You can get similar stats from SourceProfit or Inventory Lab.  Want to list your books fast?  Try ScanLister free for 8 days.